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Company Overview
blessed Communion was founded in 2009 by Israel Idonije, an entrepreneur and humanitarian who played in the NFL for 11 years. 
Located in Chicago, blessed Communion produces high-quality, communion cups prefilled with 100% juice and a fresh wafer, as a sanitary and efficient solution for serving communion. blessed Communion offers both red grape juice and white grape juice products, selling direct to individual churches as well as national church supply stores, national bookstore chain and online retailers.
Founder and CEO — Israel Idonije
President — Kelley Speck
We believe that building and keeping a relationship of trust with our customers is imperative.
About Us

blessed Communion established itself as a leader in product innovation and safety by providing a sanitary and convenient way to prepare and receive communion. Its prefilled communion cups are comprised of a patented dual seal that separates the juice from the wafer compartment, presses air out of the wafer compartment for increased freshness and expanded shelf life, and peels seamlessly across both compartments mitigating the risk of spills and splashes.

blessed Communion holds itself to the highest standards in its quality control procedures. Each numbered batch of product undergoes microbial testing by a third party. Furthermore, there is a full nightly breakdown and 6-hour deep clean of the equipment and facility to maintain the highest quality of product. blessed Communion maintains a 100% pass rate on all heath and quality assurance checks.

Media Contact
Please send all media inquiries to Teresa Myers
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