For more than a decade, Blessed Communion has been providing a sanitary, convenient way to prepare and receive Communion. An easy to peel, dual seal separates the juice from the wafer, and our high-quality ingredients offer the best tasting product possible.
Blessed Communion practices the highest industry standards. Each batch is numbered, tested and guaranteed fresh.

We are pleased to offer the Blessed Communion Cup!

As people around the world have been searching for new ways to safely worship, many have turned to Blessed because of our long history providing a natural, convenient and touchless Communion product.

The Blessed Communion Cup takes the stress out of preparing for Communion by offering more ease and flexibility. There is less preparation and clean up time, which decreases the number of volunteers needed. The Blessed Communion Cup also provides effective cost control for your church because waste is eliminated. With all these benefits, everyone can relax and focus on the Communion celebration.

Our cup is an individually sealed, completely hygienic prefilled Communion Cup with juice and a single wafer. Suitable for all ages and easy to open, our products are ideal for any size congregation or occasion, remote worship, holiday celebrations, faith-based schools and for nonconventional settings - such as missions, hospitals, homebound Christians, travel, destination celebrations and military.

Securely sealed, the Blessed Communion Cup is the most innovative, sanitary and convenient way to prepare and receive Communion.

Blessed Communion is proud to provide prices that fit within your budget, as well as backing your purchase with a customer service satisfaction guarantee.
Stay Blessed,
Kelley Speck