Q:  How can I place an order for prefilled Communion cups?
A: It's easy! You can place an order online at http://www.blsd.com or you can give us a call at 844-789-2573 and place an order by phone. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 7AM to 5PM CT.
Q: What is your pricing?

A: We have prefilled cups with red grape juice or white grape juice in three different sizes:
100-count box = $29.99
250-count box = $54.00
500-count box = $95.00
Juice-only cups are also available for the same price and come without a wafer for our gluten-free customers.

Q: Do you sell your products on Amazon?

A: We do not have an Amazon storefront and we do not authorize third parties to sell our products on Amazon.

Q: Do you sell gluten-free wafers?
A: We offer a gluten-free wafer option that is sold separately. We recommend purchasing a box of juice-only cups with the individually wrapped gluten-free wafers to avoid cross contamination. Pricing and quantities for gluten-free wafers is as follows: 
25 count = $15.99
50 count = $29.99
100 count = $55.00
250 count = $110.00
500 count = $220.00
Q: Do you accept other forms of payment besides credit card and PayPal?
A: Yes, if you need to make alternate payment arrangements, please phone in your order during normal business hours Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm CT.
Q: I would like to become a distributor or wholesaler. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A: We do not offer wholesale.

Q: How much will it cost to ship my order?

A: We cover the cost of UPS shipping for all orders in the continental US. For quotes on expedited or international shipping, please call us at 844-789-2573. Please note that if an order is returned to us as undeliverable, the customer will be responsible for any return or reshipping fees. Please make sure the shipping address you provide accepts deliveries even if someone is not there to accept it.

Q: How long will delivery take?
A: Shipping times vary depending on where you are located and when your order is placed. Please allow 1-5 business days for order processing. Typically, orders are delivered between 1-5 business days from the date your order is shipped. For more specific delivery times please call us at 844.789.2573.
Q: Do you ship Internationally?
A: We are able to ship orders internationally! Shipping prices will vary based on your location and the quantity ordered. For a quote on shipping costs, please call us at 844-789-2573.
Q: Do you provide tracking?
A: Yes, you will receive an email with tracking information when your order is placed.
Q: Are your prefilled Communion cups pre-blessed?
A: No, our cups are not pre-blessed. Our customers typically have their pastor or other church leaders bless the cups once they've been received.
Q: What is your return policy?
A: We will replace items if damage was incurred during shipping.
Q: What is the shelf life on the blessed Communion cups?
A: The blessed cups have a shelf life of up to one year from manufacture date. Every order we ship out has a lot number or expiration date printed on the blessed box as well as the bag containing the cups. Refrigeration is not necessary.
Q: Do you sell prefilled cups with wine?
A: We currently do not offer prefilled cups with wine.
Q: How do you open the blessed Communion cups?
A: Our prefilled cup is sanitary and requires no special preparation or refrigeration. Designed to fit perfectly in standard Communion trays, opening our cup is as easy as... 
 1.      Bend the tab down.
 2.     Easily find the film edge over the wafer, and peel back the film to expose the wafer.
 3.     Peel back the foil and drink the juice!